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THE FRAMING DEN at Continental Mirror and Glass

The Framing Den
offers a varied selection of custom picture framing that reflects the needs and budgetary constraints of the purchaser, from simple but effective designs to art framing of the highest quality. Conservation museum quality and archival mounting are also among the services offered.

Our staff includes professionally trained picture framers with experience dating back more than thirty five years. We are members of the Professional Picture Framers Association which represents 3,500 frame shops, art galleries and suppliers in North America and overseas as part of a 37-year tradition of establishing the best practices for framing and providing related services.

Our framing services include the following:

  • Quality conservation museum framing
  • Standard picture framing of all media and art forms
  • Over 4000 mouldings and frame choices
  • Many glazing options including Conservation Clear glass, Water White Glass, Museum glass with optical coating, Reflection Control glasses, UV protecting Acrylics and other UV protecting glasses
  • All mounting services including archival mounts
  • Shadow box framing of three-dimensional objet d'art and memorabilia such as dolls and sports objects
  • Fabric art such as needlepoint, cross stitch, molas, printed fabrics, weavings and decorative rugs
  • Thousands of mat color and design options including fabric mats and french mats
  • Stretching, including heavy duty reinforced custom made bars and mural sizes
  • Regular, tinted and beveled mirrors framed in any size

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you would like a printout of the answer to your question(s), if using a later I.E. browser, click on the Print down arrow and select Print Preview — or for other browsers, click on File, and select Print Preview. This will allow you to print a selection, or all of the FAQ.

Of course, we welcome you to visit us to discuss any, or all, of these questions with one of our professionals who has the expertise to advise you on the best treatment for your artwork, whether it is a child's first attempt at finger painting, or the work of an accomplished artist.