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Mirrors add sizzle, glamour and spaciousness to any room, from the dining room to the exercise room, or a mirrored backsplash in the kitchen, a full length hallway mirror, or a mirror over the fireplace or sofa the possibilities are endless. And you can change the mood with a tinted mirror to soften and blend, or contrast sharply with the existing decor.

If an additional mirror is needed in your bedroom
or hallway but there is no space to hang one, transform your closet doors into mirrored doors. Sliding doors are available for any closet opening with many frame colours and mirror styles to choose from. We also carry a wide selection of rectangular and oval bevelled mirrors.

Click any image for an enlarged view

3001 - Frameless Vanity Mirror with Lights

3002 - Mirror over Vanity
3003 - Frameless Mirror Wall
beside Jacuzzi
3004 - Bathroom Backsplash Mirror
3005 - Mirrored Ceiling
3006 - Saddle Mirror
3007 - Large Mirror in Tile
3008 - Mirror in Tile Opening
3009 - Beautiful Full Height Sloping Framed
3010 - Gym Mirror with Dance Rail and
Built-in Plasma TV
3011 - Mirrored Gym
3013 - Mirrored Bathroom Backsplash
3014 - Mirrored Kitchen Backsplash
3015 - Kitchen Backsplash Mirror
3016 - Gym Mirror Wall
3017 - Mirror with Sconces