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Vinyl shutters are the best window treatment money can buy. They are durable, easy to clean and they help to keep energy costs down all year round while enhancing your home's appearance. Call us for a free quote.

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How to choose vinyl shutters

Look for:

  • Aluminum reinforcements throughout all major stress points, especially on the hinge side of all panels, to prevent warping and "vinyl creep"
  • Cellular (hollow) louvres to minimize heat transmission (hollow louvres insulate better than solid louvres due to the entrained air).
  • Ability to adjust the tension of louvres to prevent them flopping.
  • Manufacture from a high-quality outdoor grade compound for durability.
  • Opaque louvres and rails. When they are translucent, they appear less natural and allow too much light to escape into the room.
  • Thick wall structures for strength.
  • A choice of frames
  • A solid tilt bar mechanism for easy and long-lasting use. (This is very important!).
  • Multiple louvre sizes - at least 2-3/8" and 3-3/8"
  • Uniform rail sizes for aesthetic consistency.
  • Louvres tilting upwards or downwards for infinite control of light and view.
  • Heavy-duty 3-leaf hinges to prevent sagging/wobbly shutter panels
  • No unslightly notches on frame.
  • Lifetime warranty.